Paper Gray Areas
Towards the end of my Master’s degree I started working with this concept


A study in layout with three lights entering the image from different sides, and textures intermingling paper with flesh. The paper representations and negative spaces represent confusion of the man’s own reality.

Her Agenda

Her agenda is about a man who wants his girlfriend to connect with him.

I utilized my interest in visual tracking to reinforce the implied narrative. I wanted viewers to look at the human who is in color in the piece, and follow his gaze to the left toward the woman. Reading the image from right to left relates to going to the past for Western culture. She is also positioned dominantly higher than him and looking away. Our eyes are directed to the paper woman on his immediate left, then upward to the right, in a clockwise direction. Next, we visually traverse the other women’s faces down along the right side of the picture until our eyes have returned to the man again.


Inspired by Vanessa Beecroft. Conveying a claustrophobic and self-critical analysis by surrounding the model with multiple paper representations of herself. Showing the chaos and carnivalesque figures women project on their own self image and of the pressure our society places on women to look a certain way. Her own image is distorted from the camera showing large feet compared to her tiny head while the top half of her morphs into a paper mask of the same representations.

Wanting to Fix but Other Opportunities Come Along