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Artist Statement:
Gary Düfner is a multimedia artist who engages with the camera as a tool and digitally manipulates images to paint enigmatic and playful worlds occupied by his friends and himself. His image making explores his dark and awkward sense of humor. Düfner's work shows real people acting out interpersonal issues with paper representations.

Düfner has traversed from a cartoonist to a mixed media artist who deals with narration. Raised in the 1980’s without computers, Düfner spent hours each day in his room drawing comics and listening to heavy metal. After graduating SVA in New York City in 1991, Dufner was no longer interested in making comic books. When computers became easily accessible he dove into web art and graphic design, and has taught these subjects at Sanford-Brown (the International Academy of Design and Technology) in Orlando for 13 years. A grad of the UCF Master's program 'Studio Art & The Computer' Düfner is making artwork and currently teaching at University of Central Florida, Seminole State College, and Daytona State College.

Group Exhibitions:
06-2017:  Guava Tree Gallery - "Dirty Competition" Cinematographer (Orlando, FL) Link:
05-2017:  Orlando Museum Of Art - "Art Of The Poster" (Orlando, FL)
02-2017:  Orlando Museum Of Art - "The Finer Things" (Orlando, FL)
01-2017:  Orlando Museum Of Art - "What's Behind The Mask" (Orlando, FL)
12-2015:  Spectrum - Art Basel event (Miami Photo Salon, Miami, FL) Link:
09-2015:  City Arts Factory - "Creative Connection Student Showcase" (Orlando, FL) 
06-2015:  Yeiser Art Center - "Art Through The Lens" (Paducah, KY) Link: Art Through the Lens Catalog.pdf (page 18)
05-2015:  SNAP! Orlando Presents (City Arts Factory, Downtown Orlando, FL) Link 1
03-2015:  UCF Art Gallery - MFA Thesis "It's About Time" (Orlando, FL) Link 1, Link 2
10-2014:  UCF MFA "Open Studio Tour" (Downtown Orlando, FL)
03-2014:  UCF MFA "Open Studio Tour" (Downtown Orlando, FL)
04-2014:  Nude Nite (Tampa, FL)
03-2014:  Nude Nite (Orlando, FL)
10-2013:  UCF MFA - "Open Studio Tour" (Downtown Orlando, FL)
07-2013:  Gallery 500 - "Medium Rare" (Downtown Orlando, FL)  Link 1Link 2
03-2013:  City Arts Factory - IADT "50/50" (Orlando, FL)
02-2013:  UCF MFA "Open Studio Tour" (Downtown Orlando, FL)
10-2012:  UCF MFA "Open Studio Tour" (Downtown Orlando, FL)

Lighting a show:
03-2015:  UCF Art Gallery - MFA Thesis "It's About Time" (Orlando, FL)
07-2013:  Gallery 500 - "Medium Rare" (Downtown Orlando, FL)

2017-present:  Daytona State College, Daytona-FL (Teach: Narrative Photography)
2015-present:  University of Central Florida, Orlando-FL (Teach: graphic design, web design)
2015-present:  Seminole State College, Sanford-FL (Teach online: web design, photoshop)
2003-2016:      Sanford-Brown College-IADT, Orlando-FL (Teach: graphic design, web design, multi media)
2003-present:  Webskinz (Owner), Orlando-FL (web design)

2015:  MFA: University of Central Florida, Orlando-FL (Studio Art & Computer 3 years)
 1991:  BFA: School Of Visual Arts, NYC (Comic Illustration 4 years)

2016:   Certificate: MOMA, NYC (Seeing Through Photographs: 6 week class)
2002:  Certificate: Winter Park Tech, Winter Park-FL (Web Design 1 year)

12-2016:  Self published book: Men's Handbook About Women, Gary Dufner (link)
07-2015:  Self published book: Real People Acting Out Interpersonal Issues With Paper Representations, Gary Dufner (link)
05-2014:  International Journal Of Comic Art (, Paper: Text & Image: Varying Sizes Of Balloons in Comics (page 445)

04-2014:  UCF Graduate Research Forum, Paper: "Text & Image: Varying Sizes Of Balloons in Comic Art"

08-2016:  "Potato Girlsvideo-performance by Masami Koshikawa & Juliet Romeo DiIenno (Link 2)