MFA Thesis (Download PDF



Real People Acting Out Interpersonal Issues With Paper Representations

Gary DufnerUniversity of Central Florida

Paper people representations, women as paper objects, interpersonal issues as narrative in art, narrative through color, push and pull techniquecolor blue as metaphor for fantasy, theatrical dramatic lighting, cubismben day dots, photograph as cinema, document reality through fantasydigital manipulation of photography, collaboration with models to make art

In this thesis body of work, I have interacted and collaborated with five friends to create images exploring human relationships. The subject matter illustrates my friends and myself acting out interpersonal issues with paper representations of one another. It has been my aim to represent my imagery in a campy thematic way. I include a discussion of the images in my body of work from both my perspective and the perspective of my models. The figurative paper images “stand in” as representatives of the genders of their subjects. I have explored multiple points of view, constructing, reconstructing and deconstructing complex compositions; experimenting with a variety of focal points; and I have increased my knowledge of lighting and color effects through digital manipulation.

Graduation Date: 2015

Semester: Spring

Advisor: Poindexter, Carla

Degree: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

College: College of Arts and Humanities

Department: Visual Arts and Design

Degree Program: Emerging Media; Studio Art and the Computer

Identifier: CFE0005607

Release Date: May 2015

Length of Campus-only Access: None

Access Status: Masters Thesis (Open Access)

STARS Citation: Dufner, Gary, "Real People Acting Out Interpersonal Issues With Paper Representations" (2015).Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 71.