I made music for a character named Victor Vetika in my comic United Forces to bring him to life and make him seem real. Victor sings and composes the music with various musical acquaintances. 

Vetika album – CD with Jacket

The name of this ep is “Skull With Magic“ available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other streaming services.

Vetika – “Burn” music video

I gathered my fiends to make a music video to make it look like I have a full band.
Shot & Produced by Rashaad Genie.
Location: Suede Shoe Studios.
Click link to view the video:

Vetika Tour Shirt

I made shirts for Vetika to make him seem real.

Vetika – “Dreams of the Dead Come to Life” music video

I collaged my comic book’s artwork with my band’s music.
Click link to view the video: