Paper Hanging

The Soft Family

Alesha Hansard makes these wonderful creatures. I have talked with her extensively about her creatures, and what they mean to her. I collaborated with Alesha to make this image. She has painted herself interacting with her beanie babies in multiple scenes showing the beanie babies in the middle of some act with either her hand or foot in the image to show her presence. I recreated her artwork in my own style from the perspective of Alesha sitting on the floor interacting with her soft family. 

Representations With A Representation

A plastic representation of a woman holding a paper representation of another woman. The black & white of the image represents fantasy inside a Barbie fantasy.

Year Book Picture

This is the final photograph I shot in my studio during my Master’s degree. No matter how silly it sounds I wanted to pose with all of my paper representations for a year book picture. I wanted to set it up like the last piece I had done for my thesis show, Destroyed By Women, an installation of my paper representations on the floor lit by the lights I use to take photos.