Gary Dufner is a multi-media artist. He draws comic books, makes music, and music videos. Contact him if you are interested in hiring him. 

JACK & MURRAY comic book

Unraveling the mystery behind the zombie outbreak, Jack and Murray unravel the chain of events that plunged the world into chaos.

Jack and Murray set out on a new quest in this issue, to venture through the treacherous sewers of Gullsville. Their destination: the Von Rate factory, rumored to hold the key to a rare and coveted resource in this desolate world, candy. The quest for something as simple as candy becomes symbolic, representing the resilience of the human spirit to seek moments of sweetness amid the bitterness of survival. But will they survive this new quest?

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I’ll be at FanboyExpo September 6-8, 2024


A band made of the Henderson brothers. The brothers are part of the cast in the Jack & Murray world. You can listen to their song “Get Off My Turf!” on YouTube.


Viktor Vetika, is a fictional character that Gary Dufner made up for his Keepers of the Orb comic book, but has somehow broken free of the comic world and has infiltrated the virtual world with his music videos. You can watch his music videos on YouTube and you can enjoy his music on all streaming platforms.




Gary produces a puppet show about socks. What do a young boy’s socks do all day when not being worn? Well, find out on this absurdly silly show on YouTube.




Gary acquired a master in fine art and actually wrote a thesis paper. He’s all smart and stuff. Check out a collection of art from his degree, and some work after he graduated. Click here to see more…