Gary Dufner is a multi-media artist. He draws comic books, makes music, and music videos. Contact him if you are interested in hiring him. 

It’s Monkey Time!

Phil Avelli and I made a new kid’s book.

In this first issue, the kids of Dullsville (aka Gullsville) are bored and looking for anything to do other than the lame game they made up called “Kick the stick”. That’s when they meet Murray (a monkey) after Max hits him with his Go-Kart of Doom. Siblings, Jack and Whitney, take Murray in and nurse him to health, which gives Max the idea to enter Murray in the school pet show to win them all a pizza party! Murray doesn’t like the idea of being anyone’s pet and we find out what the solution is in this book.

The gang also bumps into Virgil Stainbottom, the school bully, and his prize-winning pig, which will start a domino effect of trouble for Murray as everyone wants to catch him and keep him for themselves. The kids all need to work together to keep Murray out of trouble.

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My first Kickstarter campaign was a success! I knew I could do it if I brought on other creators to draw for the book and help promote. Collaboration is so powerful! Other artist involved are Phil Avelli, Blake Seals, Mauricio Leona, Nick Cagnetti, Bradley Littlejohn, and Amanda Semler. Alex Morrissey wrote it and we’re currently working on outlines for issues 2-4. We’re hoping to have this comic for sale as a second printing once we fulfill the pledges.

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Viktor Vetika, is a fictional character that Gary Dufner made up for the UNITED FORCES comic book, but has somehow broken free of the comic world and has infiltrated the virtual world with his music videos. You can watch his music videos on YouTube and you can enjoy his music on all streaming platforms.




UNITED FORCES comic book issue #2

A comic book crafted by Gary Dufner, Phil Avelli and N Blake Seals. Whoever the orb deems worthy will possess it. The orb is fickle that way. But why choose Viktor Vetika? Find out why everyone wants the orb and why the orb chose Viktor. Order a copy today


Gary produces a puppet show about socks. What do a young boy’s socks do all day when not being worn? Well, find out on this absurdly silly show on YouTube.





Gary Dufner is a personality on the Big Story podcast. The show speaks with an amazing person in the comic book industry to learn their origin story, tell tall tales, discuss the creative process, splash a little hype, and of course draw.  

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Gary acquired a master in fine art and actually wrote a thesis paper. He’s all smart and stuff. Check out a collection of art from his degree, and some work after he graduated. Click here to see more…


Gary Dufner has a wide background in the arts but now works in the digital environment. He has a deep toolkit to produce some arresting work. Your commission will only be printed once for just you as an archival art print, and it will never be printed or sold without your expressed permission.

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Video editing Services

Adam Phillips asked us to edit filmed footage of himself doing a play through on one of his songs. Check it out on YouTube.