Paper Destroyed

About this installation

“Destroyed By Women”
Simulation of my studio process: enhanced matte paper, lights, ext cords, & power supplies
100” x 250”

I had an empty space inside my Master’s thesis show. I had many paper representations from all of the shoots I did for the degree, why not make some kind of installation with them to show them in real life.

While creating this installation I realized I was making a scene with my paper people again as if I were about to direct a photo shoot. To this impromptu floor installation I added my extension cords and lights, thus simulating my studio process.

I recognized a form of Cubism in the now reclining paper images. The paper cutouts curled and loosely overlapped. I wasn’t able to tell where one paper person started and another ended. Standing next to the installation with multiple viewpoints, both within and between paper people, were pleasantly disorienting. I almost fell because of the dizzying arrangement of the already unconventional size and placement of images. From a few footsteps away I could clearly see women’s and men’s faces and bodies on paper on the floor, but it remained difficult to recognize what was going on.  

When I had completed the floor installation, I noticed the women were looking right at me in a coy, seductive, and alluring way, while my paper representation (me) from the “Missing What’s Missing” photograph looked as if the photographed paper women had destroyed him.