Paper Dreams

Resting in Flight

She’s a single mother with little time to herself. Having a night off is rare and valuable. Her mom meets her and the kids in the playroom. After they leave she doesn’t have enough energy to make it to her bedroom. Taking off her shirt and pants to unencumber herself she hits the couch hard. While resting on the couch in a flying position she dreams of flying. She touches one of the paper representation’s on the floor thinking of all the free time it has without worry of children or working to pay the bills. She tries to transfer the feelings from the paper representation to herself to push the real world out of her thoughts. The viewer can see the start of materialization of the paper transferring to the woman through her fingertips. 

Her Own Kind of Super Hero

After taking care of the kids, and working to pay the bills all on her own she needs a night off! She sees her children idolize many super hero’s and she’s looking to be her own kind of super hero. This super hero knows she’s the best mom and provider she can be and wants to dress like a power house gym woman with her sock boots and a little help from her son’s arsenal. Surrounded by her kids toys and paper representations that she initially dreamed about flying with to release her inhibitions to get to this state of mind.